Vicomp™ VPR470

The Vicomp VPR 470 optical reader is a specialised device designed to read OCR information contained in Machine Readable Passports, Visas, ID-cards and other travel documents. It captures machine readable codelines in single hand “swipe” operation and transmits recognised data to a host computer. Its variant model VPR 470e uses built-in RFID reader to retrieve e-data from e-Passport and other e-documents. Via low engery Bluetooth link with external host including computers, smartphones and tablets running different OS, it can be controled and perform user-defined processing. VPR470/470e use built-in Li-Ion battery. No direct cable connection is required between the host and the reader during operation. Small size and reduced weight of the reader makes it perfect choice for integration with the latest handheld devices.



  • Bidirectional swipe operation
  • Auto power on & off
  • Fast, efficient read algorithm
  • Variable scanning rate
  • Compact style
  • Low error rate
  • Wireless interface
  • User upgradeable firmware

Additional Information

Technical Specification
Hand Swipe Speedup to 100 cm/s
Recognition Speed100 char/s
MTBF100 000 hours
RFID (VPR470e only)
Supporting ProtocolICAO e-Passport compatible
Other Protocolsfull support of ISO14443A and ISO14443B tags
RFID Read Speedup to 848 kbit/s airspeed
Power supply
BatteryInternal Li-Ion battery
Document readouts on single charge- up to 2500 OCR+RFID documents
- up to 10000 OCR-only documents
Chargerstandard 5V micro-USB style charger
Size91L x 36W x 90H mm
Weight145 g incl. batteries, without mounting bracket
We offer mounting bracket for various device. Please contact TSSL for availability of other mounting options
Operating Temperature0C /+40C
Operating Humidity10% - 90% RH
InterfaceBluetooth class 2 (10m range)