Thales Gemalto Intelligent OEM Document Reader AT10Ki

Intuitive Design

The design of the Gemalto Intelligent OEM Document Reader AT10Ki is based on detailed and exhaustive analysis of field experience and numerous deployed projects.

With a new “landing lights” LED feedback arrangement and document hold down clip it naturally encourages the correct placement and use of the reader, regardless if the user is left or right-handed, maximising first-time read rate for faster customer processing.

There’s more.

Thales has created a new stylish look that will fit into the décor of the most upmarket customer-facing service desks.

Intelligent ID document reader

With built-in high-performance processing and networking, Thales Gemalto Intelligent OEM Document Reader AT10Ki inspects, authenticates or captures data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably in the cloud and virtual computing environments.

New in our document reader portfolio, the Intelligent “i” series readers include an embedded Arm® processor running Linux® meaning that for networked mode all the document processing is carried out on the reader.

Ready for the cloud, the Gemalto Intelligent OEM Document Reader AT10Ki uses web style encrypted JSON messaging to simplify application development, deployment and maintenance.

For the customer, this means:

  • The reader can connect to any mobile device, phone or tablet.
  • The reader can be used in pool mode connecting to multiple devices (you can create reader farms)
  • A single computer can connect to multiple readers.
  • Flexible install options
  • Lower development and lifetime IT costs
  • Direct connection with Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise back-end applications

Additional Information

Features of the ID document reader
Onboard dual-core Arm® Cortex® A9 processor with Linux® OS runs image processing and RFID functions in reader> USB3.1, Ethernet, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® interfaces
Web-API host interface, Web-UI browser interface and legacy USB modes of operation
Data security built-in by design
Easy connection to enterprise and SaaS applications for document authentication and verification, hotel property management systems and biometrics management
Full management and diagnostic interfaces
"Landing lights" & tick/cross user LEDs and new silkscreen design makes document placement and reading very intuitive
Reads ID cards and barcodes placed at any rotation on the glass and presents images correct way up based on features in the document
Reads and images multiple types of documents in Visible, Infra-red and Ultra-violet light using 24-bit colour and true-colour image matching technology to provide vibrant, accurate colours and images can be saved in BMP, PNG or JPEG format
Anti-glare technology eliminates image artefacts due to reflective laminates or OVDs
OCR data capture of the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) & 1D/2D barcode reading from paper and mobile boarding passes
Auto-triggering of document capture – the presence of document is automatically detected
Hoodless operation in most environments using proprietary ambient light removal algorithms – even on UV images
User removable hood and optional document spine hold down clip provides flexibility for the user to operate in their preferred style
Low scratch, low-iron glass with Oleophobic coating for low maintenance & easy cleaning
Chemically strengthened glass to improve durability
Powered from USB, Power over Ethernet (POE) or external power supply
Internally sealed optical chamber prevents dust ingress

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