Thales Gemalto Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400

ID scanning has never been so easy

There’s no wrong way to insert the card into the ID reader – all you need to do is drop it in.

The color-coded LED lights provide a real-time status response, and it automatically ejects the card once it has been read.

You can verify customer IDs in seconds.

The reader is designed for:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions,
  • Border Management,
  • Hospitals,
  • Care Facilities and Pharmacies,
  • Hotels and Casinos, Retail Stores,
  • Schools and Universities.

Details of the Gemalto Double-Sided ID Card Reader CR5400 ID and drivers license scanner


  • High-quality document reader for accurate ID/driver’s license validation and authentication
  • Simultaneously images both sides in multiple light sources
  • Processes documents in less than four seconds
  • Cradle offers RFID and magstripe reading or contact smart card.
  • Designed explicitly for reading both sides of an ID card or driver’s license simultaneously.

Additional Information

Fast & easy to use
Authenticate ID’s in a fully automated and integrated into your business
process. The Gemalto Double-Sided ID Card Reader CR5400 requires
minimal training and its lightweight, compact design takes minimal
counter space.
Accepts driver’s licences and ID cards inserted in any direction - no
fiddling to place the card.
Automatically ejects cards, even when power is removed.
Processes documents in less than four seconds.
Anti-glare removal from shiny laminates for more accurate photo and
data extraction.
USB powered, lightweight 2.2 lb., small footprint 6" x 4".