Thales Gemalto OEM Document Reader AT10K

AT10K for integrators

For integrators we have a special model the THALES OEM Document Reader AT10K which is designed with a low profile and simple shape to make it ideal for integration with self-service kiosks, counters and eGates at airports and other locations such as railway and cruise terminals. The OEM model inspects and images travel documents, including electronic travel documents and 1D and 2D barcodes used by the airline industry on boarding passes and cell phones.

The design of the OEM AT10K is based on new research using inexperienced passengers found in a self-service environment. Along with detailed and exhaustive analysis of field experience and numerous deployed projects THALES has designed a new “landing light” LED feedback arrangement which naturally encourages the correct placement and use of the reader increasing the first time read rate even when used by infrequent or hesitant travelers.

 Details of the AT10K and key standard features


  • ICAO compliant documents in near infrared (IR) per ICAO 9303 specification
  • Visible, Infra-red and ultraviolet illuminations, standard and high resolution options
  • One line Driving Licenses in near infrared (IR) per ISO18013 part 2 specification
  • 1D barcodes (2 of 5 interleaved, 2 of 5 industrial, Code 128, and Code 39)
  • 2D barcodes used on BCBP and other documents (PDF 417, QR CodeR, DataMatrix? and Aztec formats) from paper documents and many mobile devices
  • Optional support for biometrically enabled travel documents and driving licenses containing contactless integrated circuit chips (eIDs, eDLs and ePassports)
  • Optical document analysis in border management, police, transportation, banking and other commercial markets using additional software package
  • Accurate, true-color images with anti-glare technology to reduce document laminate reflections and ambient light interference
  • A new progress bar with Tick / Cross indicators make reading a document intuitive, helping to direct the user during a read and visually show the result of the read
  • Removable hood for easy placement and cell phone reading
  • Optional CorningR GorillaR Glass
  • New design of document spine hold down clip, holds down new books and works on multiple, stapled books
  • Includes a full SDK with libraries, code examples, demonstration programs and utilities, available for Windows, Linux and macOS platforms using C++, Java, C# and Basic.NET. SDK is certified to BSI TR-03105 parts 5.1 and 5.2

Additional Information

Features of the OEM reader
Reads and images multiple types of documents in Visible, Infra-red and Ultra-violet light using 24-bit colour and true-colour image matching technology
High resolution 550 dpi option includes a high-speed USB 3.1 host port enabling fast image captures
Reads documents and barcodes placed at any rotation on the glass and presents images correct way up based on features in the document
Anti-glare technology eliminates image artefacts due to laminate or OVDs
OCR data capture of the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)
Auto-triggering of document capture – the presence of document is automatically detected
Hoodless operation in many environments
Internally sealed optical chamber to prevent dust ingress
Low scratch, low-iron, fully bonded glass with oleophobic coating for low maintenance & easy cleaning
Chemically strengthened glass without oleophobic coating option for advanced durability
Side and bottom mounting points for easy integration into kiosks and desks
Powered from USB or external power supply
Complete access to OCR data and images captured via Software Development Kit (SDK)
Access to images as BMP, PNG or JPEG format
Hub – 2 ports for external peripherals
Optional document spine hold-down clip and optional hood