Elytics IDBox Reader

The Smallest One-Pass OCR & RFID Reader

Elyctis ID BOX One allows a one-step verification of an ePassport or an e-ID Card. With its innovative shape, the user scans the MRZ, and reads the content of the chip all at once, in a single movement. With ID BOX One, e-Document verification is quick and easy in a variety of situations where full-page scan is not required: automatic airline check-in, hotel check-in, banks, cars rental companies, user interaction with administrations, etc. ID BOX One firmware ensures fast and accurate reading together with complete protocol and RFID interoperability. ID BOX One supports all industry standards: ICAO, IAS, ISO-7816, ISO-14443, PC/SC, and FIPS. It is compliant with all ICAO specifications and recommendations: BAC, PA, AA, EAC and SAC. In addition, Elyctis ID BOX One is also able to read ISO 7816 format cards, such as ID cards, residence permits, or driving licenses.

ID BOX One integrates:

  • MRZ scanner
  • Contactless reader
  • Contact reader
  • SAM reader
  • Biometric sensor (optional)


  • Police identification
  • Airport check-in Self service terminals
  • Border control
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Car rental companies

Additional Information

Size140*90*105 mm (ID BOX One 121)
140*90*115 mm (ID BOX One 151)
ConnectivityUSB 2.0
Compatible OSWindows, Linux, Android
1 line MRZ (IDL, CAN...)
2 lines MRZ (ID2 cards, ePP)
3 lines MRZ (eID)
ISO 14443 Part 1 to 4 type A/B
T=CL & Mifare
Complete Mifare Family supported (Ultralight, 1K,
4K, DESFire EV1, Plus, SmartMX...)
Smartcard & SAM (IDBox151)2 slots x smartcard, 1 slot x SAM
ISO 7816 – T=0 & T=1
EMV2008 Ver 4.2 Level 1
Memory cards supported through
M-Card API
5V, 3V, 1.8V, ISO 7816 Class A/B/C
Part No.
IDBox 121e-Document reader with OCR and contactless features
IDBox 151e-Document reader with OCR, contactless, contact and SAM features



Not Available

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