Lowest Height Full-Page Document Scanner

Check passports, ID cards, or visas under different light sources, including ultraviolet, on a scanner the size of an open passport. Its rugged design and small size make it the perfect device for tabletop or integrated installation. Our ICON Scanner makes ID scanning fast and easy.

DESKO’s ICON Scanner is ideal for access control such as employee entrances, visitor registration with image capture, data capture for contract completion with image capture, and more.



  • OCR/MRZ reader for ID1, ID2 and ID3 document types (ICAO 9303, ISO/IEC 18013)
  • Full-page high-resolution images in visible, IR and UV (optional)
  • Reflection removal prevents spots or highlights caused by laminate or holographic print
  • Automatic document detection
  • Background elimination
  • Scan with or without cover for all light sources possible
  • Rugged Design: solid box, PERLUCOR security glass (standard)
  • User Feedback: programmable multicolor LEDs, programmable buzzer with adjustable volume and pitch providing clear user feedback

Additional Information

Footprint: L 190 mm (7.5 inches) × W 150 mm (5.9 inches) × H 80 mm (3.1 inches) // H 106 mm (4.2 inches) incl. long hood
Scan Window: L 94 mm (3.7 inches) × W 131 mm (5.2 inches)
Host Interface: USB
Vcc: 5V +/- 5%
Icc:max. 1.5 A
Light Sources: IR and visible light (standard)
UV-A (optional)


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