Access IS OCR601-Mk2 Series

High-Performance Flatbed MRTD Reader with Contact/contactless Capability

The OCR601-MK2 is a machine readable zone (MRZ) data reader with RFID functionality to simultaneously decode the contents of an ePassport or contactless smart card.

The OCR601-MK2 automatically detects when a document with machine readable data has been inserted and its advanced recognition engine provides highly accurate and instant data capture and decoding.

By integrating the contactless RFID reader/writer, the device simultaneously and efficiently captures and processes data fields, including the holder’s image, from the chip. This combined functionality provides a robust and cost-effective alternative to full-page, multi-illumination ID scanners.

The compact, robust design enables easy integration into self-service kiosks and gates, or use as a desktop device with rugged manufacturing ensuring years of indoor and outdoor, frontline, public use.

For users wanting to read contact cards, the OCR601-MK2-SC adds two contact smart card readers, two secure access modules (SAMs) and an integrated USB hub featuring two powered USB ports delivering even greater flexibility



  • Reads MRZ from ICAO 9303 compliant documents including Passports, e-Passports, ID cards and Visas as well as ISO 18013 compliant driving licenses.
  • Single action ePassport MRZ and chip reading
  • High-speed recognition engine for instant detection/reading
  • Low cost alternative to full-page, multi-illumination scanners
  • Programmable audio ‘beep’ for user feedback.

Optional Features


  • ISO 14442 contactless RFID reader/writer supports ICAO LDS standards including BAC, PA, AA, EAC and SAC.
  • ISO 7816 contact reader/writer with two smartcards (ID-1) and two SAMs (ID-000) slots.
  • Integrated USB hub featuring two powered ports for external peripherals.

Additional Information

MRZ/MRTD reading
Supported Font OCR-B
Supported StardardsICAO 9303 specification Parts 1-4
ISO 18013 Driving Licence
Active viewing area 132mm x 30mm
Illumination source IR, 880nM LED
Resolution 235 DPI
Image captureJPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG
External dimensions (LxWxH)200 x 156 x 57mm (MK2-SC: 66mm)
Weight 860g (MK2-SC: 900g)
Maximum document width132mm
Power supply
+5 VDC via DC jack
Cable Detachable host cable


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