RF Code

RF Code is the world’s fastest growing, leading provider of distributed IT environmental monitoring and asset management solutions. The patented, active RFID-powered tracking and sensor technologies are deployed by many of the Fortune 250, increasing the efficiency of the global data centers of some of the largest IT service providers.  RF Code solutions are an essential component of the asset management, risk and compliance assurance and automated control systems in healthcare, IT Services, industrial supply chains and natural resources/oil & gas industries. Providing the precise, accurate and actionable information about the location, status and state of physical assets, RF Code solutions ensure flawless asset-related decision making.

The solutions include:

  • Powerful management software
  • Active tags with no sensors for asset tracking
  • Active tags with sensors for environmental tracking
  • Active readers
  • RTLS devices

* Various product packages bundled readers, tags, RTLS devices and software are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced power and cooling costs
  • Instant inventory reporting and change notification
  • Intelligent capacity planning and change management
  • Accurate, real-time thermal mapping
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Simple integration via open APIs and industry standards (including SNMP, OPC, JMX, Modbus, BACnet and more)

Tag Families

Check the below to know more about RF Code's tags and sensors

Asset Tags

Truly efficicent asset management, security, and capacity and change planning solutions require accurate, reliable asset location data. RF Code RFID asset tags – available in a variety of form factors suitable for use with almost any enterprise asset – report each asset’s location and ensure that assets are tracked in real-time throughout their entire lifecycle.  From purchase to retirement, RF Code RIFD asset tags ensure your assets are tracked continuousy without any manual intervention, thus eliminating many errors to provide accurte, dependable data necessary for making informed planning and management decisions.  All RF Code asset RIFD tags feature encoded radio transmissions, low power consumption for long battery life and reduced maintenance costs, and superior anti-collision technology for high-tag densities. Tags can include motion and tamper detection sensors, customizable beacon rates, and a broad variety of mounting and enclosure options.

M100 Asset Tag

M171 Durable Tag

M174 IR IT Asset Tag

R120 Door Tag

M131 Thin Asset Tag

M102i IR Asset Tag

M172i IR Durable Tag

M175 Rugged Asset Tag

R130 Dry Contact Tag

M163 IR Wristband Tag

R100 IT Asset Tag

R110 Flex-Mount Tag

R140 Badge Tag

M163i IR Wristband Tag

R104i IR IT Asset Tag

R114i IR IT Asset Tag

R142i 3 Buttons Badge Tag


RFID sensors are ideal for monitoring, in real time, the environmental conditions in IT dense areas such as data centers and offices. RF Code’s completely wire-free approach to environmental monitoring is an affordable, flexible alternative to traditional wired environmental monitoring solutions. RF Code eliminates the “hard-wired headache” by offering a more efficient, flexible approach to tracking and alerting environmental conditions in real time.

R120 Door Tag

R151 Tethered Temperature Sensor

R180 4020mA Sensor Tag

R130 Dry Contact Tag

R155 High Performance Humidity-Temperature Tag

R135 Fluid Dectector Tag

R160 Differential Air Pressure Sensor

R150-5 High Performance Temperature Sensor

R170 CDU/PDU Tag for Server

Readers & RTLS Devices

RF Code’s family of active RFID readers are used in a variety of environments and situations that call for asset management, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring.

M250 Fixed Reader

  M250 readers are dual-channel radio receivers tuned to 433.92 MHz.  The readers are programmed, calibrated and dedicated to interpreting and reporting the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code tags.  Tag transmissions are processed in real-time to quickly locate and identify tagged assets or personnel in defined areas.  M250 readers are compatible with wired and wireless networks for rapid integration into an organization’s IT infrastructure.   * M240 fixed reader is the low cost version of M250 with limited sensing capability.  

M220 Mobile Reader

The M220 is a battery-powered, portable reader which processes active RFID tag data and links directly to a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled computing devices. The capabilities of the rugged, lightweight reader further enhance a customer’s ability to monitor mobile assets or personnel. It is equally valuable for the performance of on-demand audits and field inventories. It can be worn on a belt clip, mounted in a vehicle, stowed in a pocket or used in a variety of ad-hoc applications.

A750 Room Locator

The A750 Room Locator, used in conjunction with RF Code IR-enabled asset tags, enables accurate and affordable room-level asset location awareness.

The Room Locator is an IR (infrared) signaling unit used with IR-enabled tags to provide a method of locating tagged assets. Each Room Locator transmits an infrared pulse pattern containing a unique 3-digit location code. The strength of the IR transmissions can be manually adjusted, with typical coverage perimeters measuring 35 feet. Coverage zones are limited by solid physical structures such as walls, however IR transmits easily within line-of-site, and signal bouncing effectively floods the entire room with the location code.

A760 Proximity Locator

The A760 Proximity Locator is a battery-powered radio signalling device used in coordination with proximity-enabled personnel badges to answer “Who Did?” questions: Who pushed that button? Who opened the freezer? Who accessed the tool shed?

When triggered by an event action, Proximity Locators transmit short-range encoded signals that provide a method for locating people and correlating events within tightly-defined coverage areas (typically 6 feet). The Proximity Locator transmits an RF pulse pattern containing a unique code that creates an event perimeter surrounding the physical space of the event. These RF pulses immediately establish communication with all proximity-enabled personnel badges in the event space. When used with RF Code’s Asset Manager or other 3rd-party software, the solution enables tracking of who did what, when and where.

A740 Rack Locator

The A740 Rack Locator is an infrared (IR) signaling unit designed for use in IT data centers with open or closed server racks.  When deployed in concert with IR-enabled tags (including the R104-i IR-Enabled IT Asset Tag, R114-i IR-Enabled Flex Mount Tags, and A750 Room Locators) the system provides a method of locating tagged assets with rack-level precision.  Each Rack Locator transmits an infrared pulse pattern containing a unique 4-digit location code.  The intensity of the IR transmissions can be adjusted to achieve complete coverage for open or closed racks with minimal bleed-over to adjacent racks. IR-enabled tags monitor their environment for incoming IR signals and periodically report both their own unique ID and the applicable IR location code.  Tag transmissions are processed in real-time to quickly locate and identify tagged assets with rack-level accuracy, for open or closed racks. A750 Room Locators can be used to illuminate larger coverage zones (e.g., receiving and staging areas) with a typical radius of 35 feet.  Coverage zones are limited by solid physical structures such as rack doors and walls, however IR transmits within line-of-sight, and signal bouncing effectively floods a coverage zone with the location code.

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